Professional shelving and catering equipment

We produce a wide range of products, from shelving (for foodstuffs, for cold rooms, for shops and supermarkets, modular shelving for the home, outdoor shelves) to equipment components for large kitchens (leveling feet, oven supports, guides for extendable tables, table legs).

With the aim of always providing a product with high quality standards, we have dedicated a constant commitment to designing unique structures in the world, and therefore protected by a patent.

Our production stands at a level of high quality and above all functionality.

The success of our company's products is mainly due to the excellent construction features, which include special patented joints that can speed up assembly and improve the durability and stability of our products.

Our frames for tables, for washers or for logs, are built with a patented joint designed to save on transport costs and to have maximum maneuverability. The product is in fact delivered disassembled and can be easily built without the use of special equipment.
The sturdy steel structure is in fact removable and can be easily mounted using special, particularly resistant and patented screw joints.


Stainless steel shelf for cheese maturing

Even in the metal shelving sector, nsotri products represent a real innovation: the ALUPLAST shelves are in fact composed of aluminum tube uprights and aluminum crossbars, capable of housing low-temperature resistant polyethylene shelves. The characteristics of these shelves are such as to make them suitable for any use, as they are extremely resistant (150 Kg per floor) and resistant to low temperatures.

They are modular and it is possible to combine more shelves without the need for double uprights. In fact, these shelving units can also be equipped with special patented joints that keep the strength of the structure intact, without compromising the total capacity.

A classic example is the creation of shelving for cold rooms.


We own some patents, which have determined the success of our products, not only in the shelves sector but also in other products for professional use, such as steel frames, table legs or leveling feet.

One of the most significant patents is the JOINT which allows to dispatch the disassembled product and then assemble it on the spot with extreme ease while maintaining the solidity / rigidity of the product itself.

The patented Brescancin joint for shelving, frames and oven supports for catering equipment Patented joint: it allows to have a solid structure without welding for the shelves
Our patented joint also adapts to round sections A section of a structured steel oven support with our patented joint



We are aware that the market is moving quickly, not only in product innovation, but also in how we communicate and for this reason we have equipped ourselves with more tools among which our websites stand out:

1 - an institutional one that illustrates our product catalog.

2 - the other more technical that allows the potential customer to request a personalized quote

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