In a shop setting, which optimizes commercial and warehouse spaces, shelving must also be taken into consideration as it is an important piece of furniture.


"Nice to see" shop shelves

The shelves for shops that perform the function of displaying the goods must have, in addition to being able to correctly display the goods, an additional feature: to be pleasing to the customer's eyes.

They must be able to keep it unchanged over time because a "lackluster" shelf certainly does not facilitate sales.

The shelf must put the customer at ease, who must be able to find the goods they need at a "glance".

For this type of functionality, we recommend our ALUPLAST model in aluminum and plastic which has beautiful rounded shapes and the uprights have a nice appearance thanks to their finish.


Robust shelves for the warehouse

In a shop, the goods must be positioned in order to make picking easy and for this reason the shelving must be flexible in positioning the shelves.

Shelves for shops

This is because each shop manages goods with variable dimensions and weights therefore also the shelving must be able to adapt easily to these characteristics.

Our ALUPLAST model is able to meet these needs as it is very easy to install and above all (thanks to the absence of screws) to adjust the height of your shelves according to your needs.

It is a robust shelf capable of supporting 150 kg per shelf.


If you use the shelf for your warehouse

ALUPLAST is perfect for the warehouse and allows you to organize the goods in an orderly and easily accessible way. Its round shaped uprights do not damage the goods in case of careless handling. The shelves of this shelving are made of plastic and are extremely robust thanks to their cross-ribbed structure, designed to hold up to 150 kg per shelf.


Also excellent for bars, restaurants, pizzerias and ice cream parlors

ALUPLAST model shelving is also in great demand from ice cream parlors, pizzerias, breweries, wineries, bars, restaurants for storing foodstuffs. ALUPLAST is a food shelf in line with the HACCP standards required by the restaurant sector.

Easy to clean shelves

Another important parameter that indicates whether a shelving is more or less suitable for the needs of a shop, ice cream parlor, bar or restaurant is the ease of cleaning. ALUPLAST has all removable shelves that can be washed directly in the dishwasher.

For this reason, sanitation operations are also easy to perform.

Easy to clean shop shelves



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