ALUPLAST ANTIBACTERIAL is a shelf designed to prevent proliferation and reduce bacterial load so it can be used in all those environments where it is important to have impeccable hygiene.
In addition to hospitals and pharmacies, ALUPLAST ANTIBACTERIAL is perfect for medical offices, beauty centers, dentists, kindergartens, schools, restaurants, bakeries, public places, swimming pools and saunas, fast-food restaurants, canteens, health sector, military sector, grocery stores. basic necessities and food shops.

Why choose antibacterial products?
The silver ion technology used for the production of antibacterial Aluplast shelves gives the products continuous and lasting antimicrobial protection, which helps to prevent the formation and growth of bacteria and molds on their surface.
Microbes - bacteria, molds and fungi - are found in every environment and, even on the cleanest surfaces, bacteria can multiply, sometimes reaching dangerous levels that can lead to infections and diseases. Bacteria can create unpleasant odors, discoloration and degradation, compromising hygiene levels. Consumers seek protection from bacteria present on all objects around us and their removal is not always possible through standard hygiene measures or through disinfectant agents.

The antibacterial Aluplast shelf is cleaner, safer and more hygienic.
A perfect shelf for the pharmaceutical and hospital sector
It is a fact that in pharmacies and hospitals particular attention is paid to hygiene for obvious safety reasons. Shelving is an important part of sanitary warehouses that need to adapt to stringent hygiene standards.

What makes it antibacterial
The ALUPLAST ANTIBACTERIAL shelf prevents the proliferation of bacteria thanks to two particular precautions that we use during the construction of the product: a special antibacterial paint covers all the metal parts and prevents the formation of microorganisms harmful to health (MRSA and E.coli - Method of analysis ISO 22196: 2011 - with a degree of abatement higher than 99%.
This paint is completely non-toxic so it is safe for the storage of sanitary items and even food.

Ionic silver
For plastics we use silver ions which, even before the discovery of antibiotics, were used to combat the formation of bacteria. We use them as additives in shelf plastics to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. The silver ions (or ionic silver), when they come into contact with a microorganism, are activated by attacking its DNA, preventing its reproduction by suffocation.

Easy to assemble
Like all our shelves, ALUPLAST ANTIBACTERIAL is easily assembled and does not require any fixing screws (click here to watch the assembly video). It is delivered in a small and compact package which reduces transport costs.

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