Shelves, from design to sale (also online)

Our company is specializing in designing, producing and selling shelves and equipment for professional catering and items for hotel supplies.

Our best articles are the professional shelves.

Our thirty-year experience has led us to produce shelves of the highest quality with the most diverse materials for different needs.


Who are our customers?

Our shelves are used above all by the companies that need it; to have a practical, hygienic (easy to wash) and sturdy product.

Companies like hotels and hotels, restaurants, farms, breweries, pizzerias, grocery stores, trattorias, holiday farms, dairies, food warehouses, to name just a few that deal with the storage of food and food.

This type of company is oriented towards the professional ALUPLAST shelves by Brescancin; they are certified HACCP (acronym of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Also other companies, not necessarily linked to food, find an excellent solution on the AUPLAST shelves. This is because this type of shelf is very robust and can be loaded up to 150 kg per shelf. With this strength, our customers use it for various reasons such as document archiving, storage of paint or goods in general.


The ALUPLAST shelf in aluminum and plastic

The model ALUPLAST, for example, it is a professional aluminum and plastic (polypropylene) shelf that is well suited to all situations in which the goods to be stored are foodstuffs.

The shelf ALUPLAST è certified HACCP (heva a lokk here) and can also be used in cold rooms because & eacute; bears a temperature of up to -40 degrees Centigrade.

Scaffali per alimenti modello Aluplast


The stainless steel shelves model FORMPLAST

The shelves model FORMPLAST they are built entirely in AISI304 steel with square section uprights. They are used by our customers, for example, for the storage or maturing of cheeses, both for their robustness and for their duration. In 30 years of production we have never had technical problems (we check our incoming supplies very carefully).


Professional stainless steel shelves for cheese maturing




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