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The warehouse is a key point of the company: from here the storage of the goods and the preparation of the orders pass. Organizing it without careful planning can slow down your workflow.
Planning should therefore be conducted in order to optimize space and improve productivity. It is within this context that the contribution of industrial shelves is placed.

And if the presence of a designer is recommended for the definition of the warehouse layout, the selection of the shelves can be carried out independently, provided that we know how to recognize the product that meets the needs of the company.

How to select industrial shelving for the warehouse: types and differences
The discriminating criterion is represented by the products that will be stored. As the dimensions and weight of the goods vary, the requirements in terms of size and capacity of the shelves change.

The industrial shelves for the store and office warehouse house products with limited dimensions and weight. Those with interlocking shelves allow easier management of the room, because they allow you to change the height of the panels and, in some cases, insert various accessories even later.

The installation of these shelves usually involves anchoring to the ceiling or wall. Alternatively, you can position them in the center of the room, using sealing stabilizers.
Extremely robust, industrial pallet racks handle heavy items and large volumes of goods, usually ordered in pallets. Dimensions and capacity vary according to the model. For an efficient organization of the warehouse, those with modular shelves are recommended.

The feet of the shelf are an additional technical aspect. If the goal is to increase the load-bearing capacity of the structure, it is better to opt for a model with steel feet. When you want to protect the floor from moisture, plastic feet are the most appropriate.

Galvanized or painted industrial shelving? It depends on the use.

The former guarantee a higher resistance to scratches, while the latter offer a greater range of colors and are more aesthetically pleasing. For this reason, the painted shelves are indicated both in the warehouse and in contexts open to the public, such as hospitals and shopping centers.

The stainless steel shelves are effective in the food sector: being resistant to rust, they find their ideal location in the warehouses of bars and restaurants. However, only high-quality products retain their properties over the years. Before proceeding with the purchase, the warranty provided by the manufacturer in relation to rust resistance should be checked, as well as compliance with HACCP regulations.

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