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Today I want to talk to you about gastronomic trends around the world. Like every year, there are many articles, studies and research that publish the trends that will be in vogue this year for the beginning of the year. I thought of sharing them with you.

Let's start immediately with a global trend that has already populated in 2019 but that would seem to persist, that is, regenerative agriculture that is simply an agronomic, economic and ecological principle that maximizes the resources that already exist in a territory or a farm by lowering costs of production and respecting the biogeochemical phases and cycles.

West African cuisine is another trend that will accompany us this year. We will therefore see ancient cereals that will populate store shelves, such as Fonio, different types of millet, Tamarind and "Superfood" such as Moringa, a plant often used in food supplements because of its healthy qualities.

In 2020 there is also talk of new types of flour: we have already encountered coconut, almond and rice flours, but have you ever heard of banana flour? It would seem that this year there will be fruit and vegetable flours of all types and colors. Let's be amazed.

Soy, a plant-based protein will be replaced by cannabis seeds, avocados and Mung beans to accommodate requests for diets with less and less meat. In addition, more and more food companies are pushing to produce meat like Burger but made with at least 25% of products such as mushrooms, and other plants.

Instead, for pastry lovers, there are less and less simple sugars, honey and sweeteners will be replaced by reductions in syrups made from fruit such as coconut, sweet potato, dates and pomegranate.

But even the diets of our small consumers are changing, in fact many food companies and even school canteens are striving to offer increasingly healthy and different foods. Dishes such as pasta of different grains, organic chicken pieces, and fish cooked in a simpler way, for example without breading.

Finally, the shelves of the department stores will be emptied to make more space for the refrigerated counters to offer increasingly varied and healthy "snacks". For example, boiled eggs with different sauces, drinkable soups and pickled vegetables.

A treat also for our vegan friends, in the past there have been many attempts to replace the meat, but now the bar is rising and there are some companies that are concentrating on proposing a vegan cheese. In fact, on the shelves you can already see products such as Camamvert, Vicotta and different types of mozzarella and other vegan cheeses with herbs.

The author of this article is Giulia Bernasconi published by the Corriere dell'Italianità at this link

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