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Shelves for cheese maturing

INOXPLAST SHELF: ideal for cheese maturing
Cheese maturing racks are crucial elements in the dairy production process, and among these, INOXPLAST stands out as a particularly suitable option. Specifically designed to meet the needs of cheese makers, this innovative steel and plastic shelf presents itself as an ideal solution to improve the maturing stage.

The peculiarities of INOXPLAST begin with its ease of assembly. Cheese racks should be intuitive and easy to assemble, and that is exactly what INOXPLAST offers. Even those without considerable technical expertise can assemble this sturdy shelf, making it accessible to all.

Another strong point of INOXPLAST lies in its ease of cleaning. The polypropylene shelves are removable and dishwasher safe, thus ensuring excellent hygiene. The accessibility of all parts of the shelf greatly facilitates the work of cleaning personnel, making periodic maintenance operations more efficient and less time consuming.

As far as product safety is concerned, INOXPLAST boasts micro-perforated shelves designed to reduce the formation of condensation and, consequently, limit the proliferation of bacteria. This allows the cheeses to mature in a safe, controlled and optimal environment.

In conclusion, INOXPLAST stands as a key element in the sector of cheese maturing shelves, thanks to its combination of ease of assembly, efficient cleaning and product safety. For cheese makers, this rack offers unmatched value and functionality.
Shelf for cheese maturing
FORMPLAST SHELF: for cheese maturing

Cheese shelves play a fundamental role in the maturing process, and this is where the FORMPLAST model stands out. This shelf was designed specifically for dairies, with a keen eye on longevity and functionality.

FORMPLAST is a shelf made entirely of steel, with 40 mm square section uprights, designed to support the weight of dairy products over time. This robust structure is the secret to its strength and durability, providing dairy operators with a reliable and hard-wearing option.

✔ Another key aspect of FORMPLAST is the use of AISI 304 steel, a material known for its excellent properties in terms of food safety. This ensures that the shelf meets the highest standards in terms of hygiene and safety, without compromising the quality of the cheese.

✔ Many dairies and dairies have already chosen FORMPLAST for its generous structure, accompanied by comfortable removable polypropylene shelves. These shelves, in addition to being extremely practical, are micro-perforated, a detail that improves air circulation and prevents the formation of condensation, thus reducing the proliferation of bacteria.

In conclusion, the FORMPLAST model offers a solution for cheese maturing which combines resistance, safety and practicality. With its high quality steel structure, micro-perforated and removable polypropylene shelves, it is a privileged choice for dairies and dairies looking to optimize their maturing process.
FORMPLAST for cheese maturing process
Both INOXPLAST and FORMPLAST are two excellent options for shelving dedicated to cheese maturing. Both represent high quality solutions, specifically designed to meet the needs of dairies and dairies.

INOXPLAST, with its combined structure of steel and plastic, offers excellent ease of assembly, making installation a quick and intuitive operation. Cleaning is simplified thanks to the removable, dishwasher-safe polypropylene shelves. 

Furthermore, the micro-perforated shelves minimize the formation of condensation, reducing the proliferation of bacteria and ensuring a safe environment for cheese maturation.

, entirely made of AISI 304 steel, offers a robust structure, designed to support the weight of dairy products over time. 

Its removable polypropylene shelves are comfortable and practical, while the micro-perforation prevents the formation of condensation and the proliferation of bacteria. This choice of high quality materials guarantees an optimal level of hygiene and food safety.

Both racks are excellent solutions for dairies looking to optimize their maturing process.
Each model offers unique benefits, allowing manufacturers to choose the shelf that best suits their specific needs. Whether it is ease of assembly, strength or product safety, INOXPLAST and FORMPLAST are able to offer unmatched value and functionality in the field of cheese racks.
✔️ All AISI 304 steel
Its stainless steel construction makes it extremely resistant to the most rigorous conditions. The stainless nature of steel effectively prevents rust and corrosion, ensuring that the shelf remains in tip-top condition for a long time, even in a humid environment such as a cold room.

✔️ Easy to assemble
Another great advantage of INOX ESTRO is its ease of assembly. Our technical departments are always attentive and the user-friendly design allows for quick and easy installation, minimizing the time and effort needed to install this steel shelf.

✔️ Excellent modularity
As with the ALUPLAST model, INOX ESTRO also has great modularity which allows it to be configured and therefore installed even in the tightest spaces

AISI 304 steel is one of the most commonly used types of stainless steel and refers to the American AISI standard (AMERICAN IRON AND STEEL INSTITUTE).

It is also known as 18/8 stainless steel, which indicates its chemical composition of approximately 18% chromium and 8% nickel.

This type of steel is very resistant to corrosion and rust, and is used in a wide range of applications, from the food industry to the chemical industry, from construction to automotive.


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